Silent Wall™ Acoustical Panels


Silent Wall Acoustical Panels are used to absorb noise effectively and add to the aesthetic of any area.
You decide every detail for your panels right down to the fabric type.


Silent Wall™
Key Benefits

Silent Wall Acoustical Panels are very effective noise reducers in offices and conference rooms, schools and gyms, homes, studios, theaters, and organizational halls. 

We offer standard sizes of up to 60'' x 144'' but can even offer larger custom sizes.  Our hidden inner aluminum frame allows us to build larger frames, creates an excellent edge detail, and provides greater strength for security and safety.

Panels are made to your specific size requirements, including notches, out of plumb conditions, or any other needed customizations.  Installation is easy.  Our clips allow installers to simply hang the panels on the walls like pictures.  We can also offer alternate installation options. 


Standard Options Available

Frame Type:  Silent Wall™ panels have a hidden inner aluminum frame.  We also offer exterior framed panels in metal or wood, or resin hardened edge panels per request. 

Panel Size: 6" x 6" to 60" x 144" standard in 1/16" increments.

Edge Detail:  Square, beveled, bullnose, champfered, or custom.

Corner Detail:  Square, 1-1/2" radius, or custom.

Thickness:  1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/4, custom.

Core: 6-7#/cu.ft. density semi-rigid fiberglass.  Acoustical tackable or High Impact Core placed on top of fiberglass plus a 1/8" thick 16-20# high density fiberglass overlay laminated to 1" fiberglass core.

Tackable Core:  Micore 300, High Density, Heavy Duty Tackable Core.

Custom:  As required by your specification or application.

Fabric: Guilford Fire Rated 701-2100 standard fabric.  Fabric upgrades and alternatives available.

Mounting: Clip, clip/velcro, magnetic strip, or 2" steel cupped magnetic disc, eyelets.  MPC's clip system allows the inner frame to be flush mount to the wall.

See technical data sheet for all drawings, specifications, and instructions on our clip system.

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