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Silent Wall Hanging Baffles

Our Vertical and Horizontal Hanging Panels control noise effectively in open and high ceiling areas.  Where traditional wall panels are not an option or not as effective, hanging panels offer another solution to lower sound levels. 

The Panels are built to your design specification: frame size, thickness, core, fabric selection, and installation method.

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Baffles assist in capturing noise before and after it reverberates off high ceilings and architectural ceilings, reducing noise for the environments below.

Vertical Baffles are 2-sided acoustical panels suspended perpendicular to the ceiling. Because both sides of the panel are absorbing sound, you achieve a better noise reduction.  Horizontal Panels hang parallel to the ceiling capturing noise before it reaches the ceiling to reverberate. 

The combination of both wall panels and ceiling baffles provides an excellent Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).

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Frame Type: Hidden inner aluminum frame recommended for safety and strength allowing for large sized baffles both vertical and horizontal.  
Panel Size:  6" x 6" to 60" x 144" standard in 1/16" increments. 
Edge Detail: Square, beveled, bullnose, champfered, or custom. 
Thickness:  1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/4", and custom. 
Core:  Acoustical fiberglass core in standard baffles.  Tackable core; Micore 300, heavy duty tackable core, class A Fire Rated.  
Acoustical high impact core:  6# 1" fiberglass + 1/8" overlay available.  16# to 18# per cubic foot. Custom core also available as specified. 
Fabric:  Fire Rated 701-2100 Fabric is standard.  Upgrades and other options available.
Mounting: Thru-threaded and bolted eyelet are attached to panel's aluminum frame.

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Hanging ceiling acoustical panels

Integration of lighting and hanging acoustical panels executed to the designer’s satisfaction.

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