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Since 1980, MPC Silent Wall has been producing acoustical products to fit the market. Over the years, we've created custom solutions in all types of environments, such as, offices, hospitals, concert halls, theaters, restaurants, recording studios, schools, libraries, gymnasiums, community centers and much more. 

The MPC product line is a proprietary fabric-wrapped acoustical and tack panel system that exceeds the competition without inflating market price. Our products mitigate distracting noise and reverberation, as well as compliment your design. Our proprietary Silent Wall series will hold its shape for years to come, while also offering the most secure and fastest installation system.

In 2018, Warwick Products (WP) acquired MPC’s acoustical and tackboard product lines. MPC’s employees and production methods were brought over in the transition, and the high-quality products remained intact. Warwick Products is a custom manufacturer of store fixtures, displays, commercial interior, cabinetry, and acoustical & tackboard solutions. Since 1949, WP has offered full service manufacturing, fulfillment and installation. 

MPC’s system coupled with Warwick Products’ 75+ years of expertise in custom woodwork installations and quality craftsmanship, guarantee the best solution for your environment.

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"I want to thank you and your team for providing a highly organized superior FWP product. The exact dimensions, tailoring and panel identity made for a successful installation.

I appreciate your efforts to get it here as soon as possible. We were able to complete this installation yesterday, which was just in time for the owner's review today."


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